Optional Peer Review Instructions: Roadmap!

Making a “roadmap”—essentially, an after-the-fact outline—is one effective late-stage revision strategy. We encourage you to make a roadmap as a part of your final revision. If you wish to have your essay peer-reviewed by a group member, you can do so if you provide a roadmapped version for your partner. We will give extra credit to all students who do a peer review; it should be completed by the end of the day on Wednesday.

Here’s a set of instructions:

1. Write your own roadmap, in list form: assign a numbered sentence to each of your paragraphs.

2. Get your draft and “roadmap” to your partner, either by email, or by uploading as a “Doc” to your research paper group. (In your group, click “Docs,” then “Create New Doc.” Give it a title, click “Add Files” and attach a copy of your paper, then scroll down and hit “Save”.)

3. Read your partner’s roadmap, then read their essay. Are they doing what they say they are doing? Locate one paragraph that seems problematic to you, and offer suggestions for revision.

Click through for detailed roadmapping instructions…

Deadline extensions

The conference draft of your research paper (6-10 pages) is now due SUNDAY, July 29.

You have an extra day to complete Major Post #10 (see below). MP10 is now due tonight, and the peer review of a group mate’s MP10 is due by Saturday PM.

Comment below with any questions!

MP #9: Citation Exercise

Due by Wed @ 11:59 PM (Post Below as a Comment)

This exercise has three objectives vital to your success on the research paper:

1. Begin transcribing and thinking about key evidence for your paper.

2. Learn to introduce quotations with a “lead in”: contextual information the reader needs to understand its credibility and significance.

3. Learn to quote concisely by “chopping” long passages into smaller bits and smoothly blending those bits with your “lead-in.”

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The Home Stretch

“Rebel Music” ends next Thursday, August 2, and the conference draft of essay three is due Saturday, Sunday, July 29th. So we are officially in the home stretch.

We realize this is a very short time frame in which to write a research paper. To help you stay on track this week, we’ve designed a sequence of informal assignments focused on sources, using evidence, and writing your introduction. Completing these assignments will help us give you feedback as you write the paper this week.

Below is a list of this sequence of assignments, along with the draft due dates:

Annotated Bibliography – Due Tuesday, July 24 (Canvas–see your prof’s Canvas page)

MP#9: Citation Assignment – Due Wednesday, July 25 (Group “Doc”)

MP#10: Intro/Essay Hook – Due Friday, July 27 (Post and Reply)

Conference Draft (6-10 Pages) – Due Saturday, July 28 Sunday, July 29th (Canvas)

Final Draft (8-10 Pages) – Due Thursday, Aug. 2 (Canvas)

The Annotated Bibliography assignment is available now on your Prof’s Canvas page. The others will be up soon. …

Please comment below with any questions/concerns, or email your prof.

Group Work: Analyzing Introductions

Over the weekend (due by Sunday at 11:59 PM) we will ask you to complete your first assignment in your small research groups. Using hypothes.is., each of you will analyze the introduction of an article which we have provided for your group (See “Unit Three Readings” to find your group’s article). You will also leave at least one reply to a group member’s annotation. In addition to analyzing the introduction, you’ll respond to a few questions about the content of the rest of the article.

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Research Proposal (MP #8)–Due Monday 7/16

Hey Folks–

For the remainder of the course you will work in small groups with other students who are writing on research topics similar to yours. Toward that end, we need to know what specific topic you have decided to investigate.

Over the weekend, please complete the following research proposal assignment. It requires two short submissions:

    • Submit “Clue Method” Worksheet on Canvas
    • Post paragraph-length proposal as a comment below

Read more for instructions

Major Post #7: Covers, Versions, Dub

A key topic for the discussion of authenticity and popular music is the “cover version.”  This seems like a very simple thing:  one artist (eg, Whitney Houston) does a version of a song (eg, “I Will Always Love You”) that had been recorded by another artist (eg, Dolly Parton).

In a recent article, (“I Did It My Way: Rock and the Logic of Covers” (Popular Music and Society Vol. 33, No. 3, July 2010, 297–318), Gabriel Solis defines the cover as a rock music phenomenon:

Covers are interesting precisely because they do not purport to be the original—they are not fakes or forgeries. They aspire to an authenticity that rests on some other ontology. They may be parody, but needn’t be; they are the same and other at once in a way that may be hard to describe precisely, but is nonetheless easy to grasp in practice.…A cover is not simply any new version of an older song for which the original was a recording. Rather, a cover is a particular kind of version: a new recording or performance of an older song that exists in the memories of musicians and audiences because of a strong, previous recorded version, and for which authority and authenticity are understood to be shared by the original performer and the covering performer. …When a cover succeeds, the coverer creates a sense of his or her own authorship in authoring the recording—that is, he or she has creative ownership of that which makes the cover not simply a new performance of the old work, but rather a new work based on the old one—while at the same time he or she draws some measure of the original author’s creativity to him or herself. When John Lennon covers Fats Domino, Domino’s authorial presence magnifies Lennon’s, rather than diminishing it. (301, 305, 316).

The fact that neither the word “dub” nor the word “reggae” appears in Solis’ article gives us an opportunity to build on his thinking.    The working assumption for this assignment is that the idea of “dub reggae” takes the “rock” logic of covers and develops it further.

read on for listening & writing prompt

Monday: Essay Week: reminder & extension

First of all, in response to this week’s delays, and the domino effect that ensues, we are moving back the deadline for draft #2 by 48 hours and the final by 72 hours:  the essay #2 draft is now due before midnight on SUNDAY, 7/15; the final version due before midnight on FRIDAY, 7/20.

If you haven’t gotten to MP #6, please do so ASAP!  (The next major post goes live tomorrow morning at 7 AM; the annotation exercise for our final major reading of the unit begins on Wednesday.)

For now, just a reminder about Essay #2 :  if you haven’t already, please read the assignment page carefully!  (You can also reply to my annotation on that page if you have questions…)  Note that we’ve linked handouts from that page as part of the assignment:  we will continue to emphasize the techniques these handouts address moving forward!